Inspection Readiness Part 1: Audit Binder Organization

It’s a Monday morning, you just placed your coffee next to your workstation: ready to rock n’ roll.

Then a clerk quietly leans over to you and says, “There’s someone here from the State Board.

On a scale of “one to holy crap!”, where would your head be?

It’s not a matter of “if they will come”, but “when they will come”.

Not to worry (or worry if you want)… chug that cup of coffee, it’s time to get this moving in the right direction.

getting organized

The less you have to shuffle around papers during an inspection, the better.

And let’s be honest, it can be a lot of papers.

There’s several different places you can start and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and freeze up. I’ve done that a few times when taking on a new pharmacy.

So, I like to start with what I call my Audit Binder

What is it?…. GLAD YOU ASKED!

The purpose of the Audit Binder is to compile and organize documents to present upon inspection by a regulatory agency or third party.

  • Documents kept in this binder should be copies of the originals.

  • Notate where the originals are located in the pharmacy should it be requested to view.

  • Each tab is explained below!

Inspection Readines_Audit Binder.png

So after looking at my list, you may add a few sections of your own!

We’d love to see your ideas as well.

We always appreciate feedback!