The Flu Fighter Checklist

I could have sworn it was just January ... August evaporated just as quickly in this Texas heat... then here comes September screeching around the corner along with the first shipments of flu vaccine.

So, self check time: are you prepped for the up-coming season? 

It's easy, I promise. Print the PDF below and assign a pharmacist or technician to make sure you've got everything. It's not just the vaccine, syringes, needles.... (but that's definitely on the list).

PCT Flu Season Prep Check List:

1. Pharmacy Documents

  • Collaborative Practice Agreement- It must be signed annually by the physician and update with any new pharmacists or vaccines you are administering.

  • Medicare Part B billing set up in data processing system- companies like Omnisys can help you with this!

  • Verify your liability insurance covers immunization administration- if it doesn't, add it quick!

  • Standard Operating Procedure- this can be more detailed than your CPA with information on storage, workflow, etc. and have many resources you can look through... (or we can help)

2. Pharmacist Documents

  • Copy of CPR card kept on file for each pharmacist and within date

  • Copy of Immunization Certification for each pharmacist

3. OSHA Documents

  • Exposure Control Plan available in print or online for the pharmacy
  • BBP Training documentation for each Pharmacist- many resources you subscribe to have training available online
  • Record of Pharmacist’s Hep B Vaccinations or Declination
  • Additional resources on

4. Emergency Kit Supplies-(I like having a Tackle box of my supplies within immediate reach)

  • (2) Epi-pens ® (or generic equivalent) for Adult - check exp date
  • (2) Epi-pen JR ®  for under 60 lbs- check exp date and mark weight range on box as helpful reminder
  • Diphenhydramine for injection- check expiration, add syringes as well
  • Ammonia Inhalants (recommended)
  • CPR mask (recommended)
  • Copy of Emergency Protocol- (I like to have a guide in a scary situation)- has a template you can print for adults and kids/teens.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor

5. Vaccine Forms

  • Copies of Vaccine Information Sheets for each vaccine from the CDC site.

  • Consent and Release Forms

  • Documentation for Temperature Monitoring of Vaccine Storage

  • Copy of ACIP guidelines

  • Physician notification of Vaccination Fax Form

  • Vaccine Administration Form

6. Vaccine Supplies

  • 25g needles in lengths: 5/8 inch, 1 inch, and 1 & 1/2 inch- use this needle choice reference as guide.
  • 3mL syringes (if you're not using pre-filled syringes)
  • Alcohol pads
  • Non-latex bandages and gauze
  • Sharps Containers
  • Gloves to fit each pharmacist
  • Hand sanitizer to use between patients

7. Workflow

  • Now may be a good time for a team huddle to review workflow as we all know how hectic it can get. Clear communication with your staff can help smooth out potential hiccups.

Click here for the printable PDF. version of this post.

Now, you're ready!

And if you've already got the patient primed for 1 vaccination, are you using this opportunity to see what other vaccinations they need?  If you're answer is "no", "I don't know", or "I'm listening...". We're here to help.