Burglary: Before and After

We've all pulled up those online videos of pharmacies being broken into... and hopefully you'll never have to watch it on your own security cameras.

But after passing around that 2 minute view, what's the next step you can take as an owner or PIC?

1. Create an SOP....

  • Steps to take to lower burglary risk

  • What to do and NOT to do in the event of a burglary or robbery

  • Include the steps to be taken after the event has occurred according to the State Board of Pharmacy and DEA

  • Here’s an example template for you.

2. DISCUSS with your staff

  • It is important each individual understand the measures to ensure everyone’s safety

  • Don’t forget to document the training! Here’s a training template form if you need one.

3. Actively take the steps you listed in your SOP.

  • Visit with local police for recommendations as well as getting to know your local patrol officers

  • Discuss security parameters your insurance provider, they usually have guidelines and recommendations you can incorporate.

  • Be proactive in creating a pharmacy that is less “attractive” to potential diversion.

  • Heres a checklist from RxPATROL to equip you from a security standpoint.

4. Look at your current SOPs, specifically those for controlled substances and security….. they SHOULD be reviewed annuallY

  • Examples of SOPs include: Opening and Closing procedures, Internal/External Diversion, Absence of Pharmacist, Pharmacy Security (including who has access to the pharmacy department), Professional Responsibility and Fraud detection, Prescription Processing of Controlled Substances, Inventory Management

  • The state board of pharmacy, DEA, and even PBMs you are contracted with require certain policies and procedures

  • These agencies want to see you implementing procedures that are proactive in nature- so write them up and document the training!

if you’re now thinking- “yeah great, but who has the time for this?”

Holler at us, we’d love to help….we geek out over this stuff.

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