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Simplifying compliance since 2017

Pharmacy Consultants of Texas focuses on pharmacies and clinics in ALL 50 STATES

One of the best investments I ever made. As a young pharmacy owner, a visit from an inspector is a terrifying proposition. PCTX gave me and my staff bullet-proof policies and procedures, and the confidence knowing we’re fully-compliant.
— Will Douglas, Owner, Crimson Care Pharmacy Group

Specialty areas

compounding pharmacies

  • USP Compliance (795, 797, 800) - we simplify the complex

  • 503B conversion - there’s much to consider, we can help

  • Compounding workflow - boost your efficiency, cut costs

retail Pharmacies

  • Bulletproof insurance billing - get it right the first time

  • PBM audit assistance - save the money you made

  • Mock inspections - State Board of Pharmacy, FDA, DEA

clinics, hospitals, veterinary

  • USP 800 assistance - protect your staff, stay compliant

  • Drug shortages - our vast network of pharmacies can help you get what you need

  • Clinic pharmacies - opening a new venture? We can help.


Vanessa Brown

Vanessa is the owner and founder of Pharmacy Consultants of Texas.

With many years of experience in pharmacy Vanessa has seen what works and what doesn’t. Her desire to see independent pharmacy thrive is what sparked her to create PCTX in 2017.

Experience Snapshot

  • Created an immunization program from scratch that was adopted nationwide by Safeway stores

  • Remedial program operations for state board compliance

  • Substantial experience with hazardous drug program policies

  • 503A & 503B experience

  • Best practice expert for third-party billing compliance and audit prevention


Lance THompson

Lance serves as a compounding consultant for PCTX. He has nine years of experience in independent pharmacy and compounding.

Experience Snapshot

  • Workflow & cost-savings fiend, thrives on lean operations

  • 503B Experience

  • Extensive high-risk compounding experience

  • Clinical trial compounding requiring maniuplation of highly sensitive and hazardous substances

  • Experienced with FDA compliance, batch-record creation & adoption

  • Knowledgeable in cGMP compliant processes


ashley downing

Ashley has over five years of experience as a pharmacy owner, with two 503A pharmacies currently (one each in CA & TX). She also owned Downing Labs, which she sold in 2019.

Experience Snapshot

  • One of the only pharmacy owners to survive a FDA consent decree.

  • Extensive experience dealing with FDA inspections, warning letters, and proper responses

  • Handling DEA inspections and responses

  • Knowledgeable in 503B registration/de-registration

  • Contracts for concierge pharmacy services (rehab facilities)

  • Multiple states (>35) licensing requirements and laws

  • Business development, successfully operated three pharmacies, selling one in 2019 to a major 503B facility

  • Expert in finding areas of cost savings for other pharmacy owners


David smith

David has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmacy industry which spans retail, hospital, IV home infusion and, most recently, as Director of Pharmacy Operations for a 503B Outsourcing Facility.

Experience Snapshot

  • cGMP compliance expert

  • Successfully responded to numerous FDA & DEA inspections

  • Developed SOPs and Employee Training for 503A & 503B facilities

  • Created batch records and all documentation for CFR compliance

  • Well-versed in handling inspections and responding to 483’s

  • Knowledgeable in many state pharmacy laws (CA, FL, TX, etc)

  • Deep understanding of cost projections for formulary development


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